Where does the time go?

Wow! It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted anything. My inner critic says “That figures – you never follow through with anything”. That might be true, or not, but it’s boring to think about and even more boring to write about.

I was going to stop there – the amount of catch-up that I need to do to get from my last post to here seems overwhelming, but I guess I’ll give the highlights.

I still love what I do for a living. I work for a non-profit and I continue to be motivated by the hard work our volunteers do, the great ideas our participants have, and by the level of goodness that still exists in my world.

My beautiful daughter is finishing up her senior year at college, and I was lucky to spend part of last week with her.

My Trophy Husband just started a new job and is very happy in it.

Jake has settled in to our home and our hearts, and even though he might not be the perfect ‘first dog‘ dog, he’s ours and we love him.

All is well in my tiny little universe. I hope all is well in yours too!


About Sunny NH

I'm a realistic optimist and I work hard to practice gratitude every day. Life's too short to be cranky, pissed off or mean.
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